Wednesday, September 9, 2009

14-19 weeks!

Wow, I totally could have sworn that I did another update before going on vacation, but I guess not! Yikes, I'm getting bad at this! I have, at least, been good about taking pictures every week!

At least there hasn't been too much to update...

14 Weeks...

15 Weeks, and officially not fitting into my clothes already! Most maternity bottoms are still too big, but many of the shirts are just right. Of course, many are meant for bigger bellies, but for the most part, my usual clothes are out!

Two friends and I all bought Intelligender tests - they're basically a glorified Drano test! You insert a bit of urine into their special container with the special formula in it, swirl it good, then wait ten minutes. Then you compare the color it turns with the chart given to determine if it'll be a boy or a girl! It allegedly has an 83% accuracy we'll see if it was right or not at our BIG ultrasound! Oh, and for those of you playing the home game, it said girl :) All the old wives tales point to a girl as my guess is boy!

16 Weeks...after one week's worth of ice cream...

17 Weeks...two weeks of ice cream - boy, does that make a belly pop!

18 Weeks: back in the good old U.S. of A...only 4 lbs heavier...(And to think, I usually come back from Germany 7-10 lbs heavier!) I had a doctor's appointment the day after we got back, and she was pleased with how things were going. Peanut's heartbeat was right around 140, which is great! They drew blood for the quadruple screening - testing for Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18, neural defects, and other chromosomal abnormalities. Between my age and health, the risks are low, but the reassurance of a negative is still nice - and it did come back negative!

We ended the week with a last minute trip to Alabama for Uncle Jim's memorial service. I felt the first proper kick in the car on the way home on Sunday! It was just a little thump, but it was a kick!

19 Weeks...Peanut continues to thump a little bit, and wiggles most when my legs are tucked up - probably in protest to being squished! It's getting much harder to lay on my stomach, but if I angle myself just right, it still works :) I've gained a total of about 8-10 lbs so far, which is just about right on target.

Next week, we go in for the BIG ultrasound (Tuesday at 2 pm, for those of you who are keeping track :)...they'll do all the measurements to make sure that everything is growing the way it should and that there aren't any holes in places there shouldn't be holes, and hopefully, assuming Peanut cooperates, we'll find out if it's a girl Peanut or a boy Peanut! We have a good girl name picked out (Charlotte), but are completely and utterly lost on boy bring on any suggetions!

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