Saturday, July 18, 2009

10-11 Weeks!

And so it begins...I'm getting lazy already! It's just so easy to get distracted and forget to post anything! The top picture is 10 weeks, and the second is 11 :)

The past two weeks have been rather easy. The nausea is pretty much passed, but I do get a little queasy around bed time. I think that's mostly from not eating much between dinner and bed, so as long as I get some crackers or something in my belly, I seem to be fine!

The cravings are getting more frequent and more random. I've been dreaming of Samoas, but due to the Girl Scout cookie schedule, they are completely unavailable! However, I have a friend trying to track down a box or two for me...I will party if and when I get those!

I'm craving more and more sweets - nothing specific, just sweets in general. They say that indicates a girl, so we'll see if that old wives tale stands true!

The fatigue is really easing up as well, which makes me VERY happy! There's still a level of tiredness, but it's nowhere near how bad it was before. I can make it through the day without a nap, anyway, and can make it through at least one full chapter of a book before bed!

The nesting instinct is starting to hit hard. Wednesday night, I got a deep burning need to clean the kitchen at about 11 pm! My super sniffer kept smelling something stinky in the living room. It wasn't really anything foul, it just smelled like not enough vacuuming and not enough dog brushing. I sprinkled two jumbo boxes of baking soda in the living room and vacuumed the next morning. It smelled better, but I could still smell something! So then when I cleaned the kitchen the next night (and boy, did it need it!), it seemed to get the remaining odor away, and my nose has been happy ever since :) So between the renewed energy and the nesting, the house may actually stay in some semblance of order from now on! I'm not getting my hopes up, but a girl can dream, right?

And of course, here's the weekly "my baby this week" update :)

As of 10 weeks, the baby is no longer an embryo - it's officially a fetus! It's still growing, and is starting to move. Fingerprints are beginning to form! She or he is about the size of a strawberry.

As of 11 weeks, the baby is growing its teeth buds and taste buds - and it can swallow! If it's a boy, he's already starting to produce really does start early, doesn't it?? A girl would be growing almost 2 million eggs in her ovaries (it'll drop down to about 1 million by birth, then a mere 200,000 by the time she's in her late teens).

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