Friday, July 3, 2009

9 weeks!

It's so hard to believe it's been 2 months already! The nausea seems to have pretty much completely subsided. Now I'm just hungry all the time!

I've started getting cravings now...first eggs (especially soft boiled, which I'm sure are not advised since they're not thoroughly cooked!), now cheese dip. You know, like the plastic cheese dip you get from Taco Bell with your nachos! Wendy's makes the best chili, chips, and cheese, so I've been eating that a bit more often than I care to admit. Fruit has also been at the top of my "foods to have" list! I found white peaches on sale the other day, and worked my way through those rather quickly. Fruit smoothies are awesome too - I find them on sale and stock up! The really thick ones are the best ones though - like the Boathouse and Odwalla ones. Yum! If I weren't so lazy, I'd make my own....

My clothes are all getting tighter, and I've finally (yay?) started gaining weight. Granted, my weight has always fluctuated 2-3 pounds, but it's higher than it's been in a long time. Fortunately, we live in SC where I can live in sun dresses all summer long!

I remember being absolutely fascinated with reading about how Alex was developing each week, so I'm going to do that with this little peanut as well. It's really just mind blowing how a perfect little person is growing in my belly! This week, she or he is starting to look more like a person...just look! Little fingers and little toes are already formed, and she or he's about the size of a strawberry. The baby can already move enough that an ultrasound could see her or him dancing :)

A human embryo at 7 weeks gestation (Image: Ralph Hutchings / Visuals Unlimited / Getty)

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